Apple Hit by Mass Action after “Error 53”-Affected iPhones

Apple sued for knowingly making iPhone 6s and 6s Plus useless with the so-called “error 53” that can occur after, among other things. Touch ID sensor replaced.

It has in the preceding weeks made big headlines, among all the media world, when there came a focus on that Apple makes some iPhones useless with a so-called “error 53”, after that the phones have been repaired and has been replaced by one or more hardware components, especially Touch ID module with the fingerprint reader.

Apple would allegedly have created this security measure to ensure that no modifications of the hardware by unauthorized repairers for example to try to read fingerprints or other data. Therefore, meet one of this “error 53”, if you are trying to update to iOS in iTunes 9 or restore from a backup.

“We protect fingerprint data by using a safe enclave, which is uniquely paired with Touch ID sensor. When iOS discovers that the pairing fails, disable Touch ID, including Apple Pay, so that the device remains safe, “said an Apple employee.

This practice, which according to Apple so is there to protect consumers, has affected a sufficient number of consumers, so the law firm PCVA now makes a lot of litigation against the California-based it giant. It writes Apple Insider. One of the reasons for the mass action sounds that Apple deliberately impedes the ability to repair iPhones.

In connection with “error 53” requires the $ 5 million. (33 million dollars) in damages and that Apple sends out an update which will remove the limitations in order to be able to perform repairs with any third party without having to fear that you are left with a useless iPhone that will not update or restore.