App Review: Pixlromatic

Your own small photo lab
While the camera and mobile phone industry is trying to improve their devices so that we get sharp, clear photos, there are apps with so-called vintage or old-style effects that actually destroy our photos Popularity. So I would like to introduce you to Pixlormatic today. The free app is available for iPhone/iPad and Android phones, which should probably delight some, because the most known app from the field (Instagram) is only for the iPhone to have.Contrary to popular apps, Pixlormatic does everything in a separate step, so you can create very individual and cool styles.

After you have selected an image from the library or photographed it directly from the app, you first select the basic effect or film mode. The app offers a selection of 26 high-quality effects that add a lot of vintage and old-style effects.

The most important feature is the exposure mode. In this step, the photo can be used with very nice superimposition effects such as bokeh, glitter or scratch effects. You can choose between 30 effects.

Then the desired frame can be selected. Also here you can find a refreshing selection between 31 frames. From classic polaroid frames to artistic frames with a floral pattern, everything is here. Sounds maybe exaggerated but I find the selection very well managed and the majority of the frames can be described as quite useful.

The app convinces not only functionally, but also visually it can be seen in the truest sense of the word. Pixlromatic features dark wood optics and chic icons. It is lovingly designed overall and makes a good impression. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is tidied up and self-explanatory, which makes it easy to use the app.

The app runs smoothly on my iPhone 4 and without problems. Some effects take a few fractions of seconds to load but that can be a waste. After editing, you have a wide selection of sizes: unlike other apps, the photos from this app can be saved in original size. From small to original size there are still some intermediate steps.

The processed photos can then be saved as usual in the photo library on the mobile phone but also to upload directly to Facebook, Flickr or Dropbox. The iPhone app also allows you to store photos directly in iTunes or to send the photo as an e-mail. Another special feature is that the service is also available online and you can edit photos from your computer with your new favorite effects.

Another advantage is that the app does not need login. So you do not need to release any data from you, do not have to create an account and you can not follow half the world in the community behind it. The app also does not want to access your phone book to steal data.

What might be even better is that the app could create its own photo folder, because this way, unprocessed and edited photos are in a folder, which leads to disorder for multiples. But with the new iOS5 this folder can be created to the emergency and if necessary, yes still manually.

Pixlromatic offers a great all-round package with approx. 25000 combination possibilities.While other apps are slow to boredom, Pixlromatic still has a lot to offer. The effects are very high-quality and also completely free and for (almost) all platforms. The developers have made a lot of effort here with optics, technology and selection and from the effects should be something for everyone. From simple embellishment to exaggerated editing, everything is possible here.

The app gets therefore full score from me. If you are a fan of such effects, you have to load the app!