Android Smartphone for Less than 200 Euros

CHIP Test Android phones-regularly and there’s a large selection of good models under 200 euro really. But which model offers a really neat equipment for little money?

Chip, it is now really cheap. But spend little money on an Android Smartphone does not mean that you have to walk around with a scrap mobile. In addition to the big players Samsung, LG, Sony&more Wikos, ZTE and honors co. cavorting with ample power in our leaderboard. Often, there are already more than 8 mega pixel snapping, fleet quad-core CPUs and LTE Cat4 for under 200 euros.

Buy Cheap Android Phone

Our tests reveal with which the cheap Android phones save you clever and where you have to throw out your money down the drain despite the low price.You find the ten best Android phones under 200 euros here in a compact view, we show you all the models in a Photo Gallery with many detail ratings. We present a tip less than 200 euros also look at the table.

Class Price: Honor 5 X

5 X doesn’t show its low price at first glance the honor that the 5.5-inch display is wrapped in a fine frame. Also the back with integrated fingerprint consists largely of aluminium. The honor 5 X uses a Snapdragon 616, which pulses with maximum 1.5 GHz, the RAM is 2 GB in size. The phone also has a dual-SIM slot, which operated in parallel with two SIM cards and a microSD card can be-a rarity among the Smartphones, because often the user between second SIM and SD card have to choose.