Android N Saves in Cantilever Windows as on Your PC

In Android N you can open all apps in multiple Windows and resize them exactly as you know it from your computer. View the new feature here.

Manufacturers such as Samsung and LG have long come Google anticipated-not only with multi window feature, which was published along with Android N as an early alpha version, to be tested in the coming months.

It turns out that Google also has made another big change in Android (N), which makes it possible to get a far more PC-like experience on your particular tablet, such as Nexus 9. There are in fact fully adjustable Windows as you can have multiple open by at the same time-in other words, in the same way as you are used to using your computer.

It is one of the things that Android port Remix US have long dissented with, and now it looks soon seem to be a standard feature for all Android smartphones and tablets, which will get Android N-version when it is ready.

Right now is the new feature, which goes under the name “freeform” mode, still filled with flaws, can only be activated by typing a special command from his computer. That is why the new window-view right now not to much more utility than to be able to look forward to what we hope is on the way to all consumers.

So how does this freeform mode in Android N then out? When you open the list of your open apps you can find now a new icon at the top of the small images of each app. Here you can unleash an app, so the smoker in this “freemform” mode, where you not just can move around on it on top of other apps that you want, but also can change the size by dragging one of the corners. Depending on the size of the app adjusts the even the view from the telephone to the tablet display.

All apps are in this mode, equipped with a menu bar at the top as on a pc, where you can magnify it up to normal full size or close it at the intersection. Even with this new freeform mode enabled is the new multi windows mode is still present, and both can actually be used at the same time, although quickly will be penetrated with the square.

When apps are activated in freeform mode, they also appear in a new way in the list of open apps. Here you can keep down on an app, which even is in normal display mode, and then drag it to either one of the sides or the top, after which the the is in multi window mode while the other half of the screen is in freeform mode.

The new feature gives – quite expected – a number of problems in individual apps, among other things, Chrome, and generally there are also several errors and hoe to be corrected before it is completely workable. It is certainly interesting to see which direction the Android moves in with the long-sought support for multi windows and fully adjustable Windows. Who knows: maybe will be Android one day officially a pc operating system?