Android N an Easter Egg There Is to Try Daydream

During the Google I/O this year, one of the novelties that you could see was the integration of virtual reality in the future version of Android, called Google Daydream. Unfortunately, Google announced that the existing Nexus does not meet the conditions to be compatible with Daydream.

To Daydream, enjoy where you want a Nexus, you have to wait to the next, but still there is a way to test, even a little, this new feature despite the incompatibility. Of course, You can not try it completely, but you will at least draw to what will be a Daydream.

The only thing you need to try this is: a Nexus 6 p, the set Google Cardbaord, that the terminal has Android N and other smart phone that will make the times of control (or controller). To do this test you will need to follow the step by step guide to Google. It must be borne in mind that, once achieved, you might find yourself some bugs. Below you have a nice video.


There’s a hidden easter egg in OnePlus’ Calculator app …

There's a hidden easter egg in OnePlus' Calculator app ...