Android N: 6 Cool Features You Can Look Forward to

Here are 6 great reasons to get Google Android N on his smartphone.

It came like lightning from a clear sky, as Google recently launched their new Android N. The new operating system to Android smartphones are now released in its Alpha version, and is therefore far from ready for prime time. But the previous versions already now provides an insight into what Android users can look forward to features.
Below you can see the six most interesting new developments in the Android M.


Now can the screen be divided between apps. The procedure is simple and similar to Samsung’s way of splitting the screen up on. Here’s how: first you open an app, and then you can slide a second app up from the multitasking menu. Simple and straightforward.

Simpler, faster settings

According to Societypically, smartphones are now so advanced that it alone to find a setting in the options menu can be complicated.

In order to facilitate the overview and approach to your favorite settings, featuring Android N now on a compressed overview of each menu item, as well as on a simpler organization of settings.

Cherish sleep and your eyes

Several studies suggest that the smart phone, with its bluish and dazzling screen, can ruin your night’s sleep.

It is there now with Android N Council, where you can turn off the ‘ Night mode ‘ to which all white menus are replaced by a black ditto. At the same time, Android (N) allow you to add a red filter that reduces eye stress in diurnal late hours.


3. party quick-toggle

When you roll back the curtain down, advises the current notification Android over the quick access to features like Wi-Fi, flashlight or other predefined features.

With Android N, you will in the future have a greater range of features, as third-party app now can help with quick access. In the long term allows it to Facebook, Endomondo or a calculator app can be embedded directly in the notification the curtain.

At the same time, your most important ‘ quick SUMI ‘ be easier to go to, since the five most commonly used will be available from the first flick downward.


Zoom function

Android phones and tablets come in a variety of screen sizes, which means that apps and games are not always aligned with exactly your device’s display and how much you want on the screen.

With Android N you will in the future could set a zoom level that matches your particular mobile and dinee preferences. You will be able to set a zoom at between 85% and 150% of the original.

Reduced data usage

While an increasing amount of our data is stored in the cloud, it inevitably increases the data usage. Is your data connection is weak, or the data packet limited, Android N now advise your apps to minimize consumption, until the next Wi-Fi connection.

Together with the existing blocking for apps that use Android data in the background, you can therefore be sure that data usage never runs out of control.

Coming over the summer

Android N is still very early in its development, but Google has already communicated a battle plan for the rollout.

In april and may will the beta editions let loose, while the first ready reported editions will færdigstøbbes in June and July. The final launch reported to take place in the third quarter, so either in July, august or september.