Android Marshmallow Is Already More Than 13% of Mobile

Android Marshmallow continues to grow as they leave new mobile and updated several existing models, thus reaching more than the 13% of devices with this version of Android, according to data given by Google for the month of July. Marshmallow is still very far from being the most widespread version of Android.

With regard to previous data given by Google, Marshmallow has grown by 3%, a figure that is not wrong and, in fact, is the version that is growing faster than all those that are still active (something logical, on the other hand), although is still Android KitKat version more extended with a 30.1%.

It is curious to see that Android 2.2 Froyo is still present, but only in 0.1% devices (does people capable of supporting that version of Android?). Marshmallow sits in fourth place as more extended version behind the aforementioned KitKat (30.1%), Android 5.1 (20.8%) and Android 5.0 (14.3%). Marshmallow, meanwhile, lies fourth with a 13.3%.

The unique versions that have experienced growth since June have been Android 5.1 (0.8%) and Android 6.0 (3.2%), which is expected, at least until Nougat, to the rate of growth of Marshmallow make you stay in a few months as the second most distributed version of our operating system.