Android Continues to Grow in The United States and Reached 39% of Market Share

One month more Nielsen publishes the results of its studies on the mobile phones in United States market. As some already know, and we have seen on the blog, the domain of Android is undisputed to the other side of the Atlantic and this month is no exception but if leave us an interesting fact.

The data in question is that Android has passed its roof and currently, according to Nielsen, el 39% of smartphones in the United States they are green androids. A difference of 11% compared to iOS, the second in the list of most used operating systems.

If we do the Division by manufacturers Apple leads with 28% while there is further fragmentation in Android: 11%, 14% for HTC Motorola, 8% Samsung and 6% other companies. We must recognize that it is an achievement that the guys at Cupertino do so as well with a range of devices so small.