Android 5.0.1 Is Already among Us Solving Bugs and Improving The Autonomy of Wearables

When a new version of an operating system is removed, as normal is that this comes with a few errors and bugs, so it tends to be common that the first update is not late to arrive. Is what usually has happened each time that Google has launched a new version of Android, and is what has become to happen this time, since Android 5.0.1 is already among us.

In principle is only of one minor update that fixes a few bugs like the of the Nexus 7 with video, and errors as related to the number of touches on the unlock screen. There are also users that have begun to check, as I said yesterday, that the autonomy of the Android Wear devices It has experienced a dramatic increase in.

The changes have already been implemented in the AOSP repository with the android-5.0 build. 1_r1, and the images of this Android 5.0.1 factory (LRX22C) are also available for the Nexus 7 devices (2013 WiFi), Nexus-10 and Nexus 9.

Although it is safest to updates via OTA do not take to start to arrive, the more impatient you can install images of factory following the steps you already gave in his day in this article.