American Man Accused of Blocking Mobile Signals in Trains

A man from Chicago was so tired of knævrende medpassagere in the train that he two matters into their own hands and blocked their phones.

We all know of genes by means of public transport and annoying fellow passengers that do not take into account by loudly talking on the phone.

An American man from Chicago has become so tired of it that he as part of his pendlertur allowed them to block mobile signals in order to travel in peace. He is now in jail with a bail of $ 10,000.

63-year-old Dennis Nicholl was allegedly so annoyed that people around him chatted on the phone that he imported a small device with five antennas as he has been photographed with, which was to stop cell signals and allow him to travel in peace.

Travelers on that train line has for months complained about the coverage, the police became involved as a passengers unsuccessfully tried to call the emergency services.

A team of police officers climbed on board the train along with Nicholl as had been previously photographed with his unit, an officer had time in a call that was laid down as Nicholl took the device forward and pressed a button.

Supposedly had Nicholl once in a similar stunt back in 2009 where he only was charged with a minor violation of the law and his equipment was destroyed. This time, the charge of “unlawful interference with public supply work” something more serious.