Altec Lansing Panasonic 450 iPad Speakers

Would you like to be able to support your iPad, iPhone or iPod? Need extra power? Need a better sound? Altec Lansing Panasonic 450 sound system RIDs a good sound and at the same time keep your device protected.

Altec Lansing Panasonic 450 iPad Speakers

Is it possible to connect your iPod touch, iPod nano or iPhone to Panasonic 450? It might look a little strange, with a small device such as the iPhone or iPod in such a large holder, but it works without problems.

Follow Altec Lansing’s loudspeakers-Panasonic 450 to:
– Show off your iPad, iPhone or iPod to all your friends
– View your favorite movies
– Get on the sofa while you are using the fully functional remote control for your iPad.

– Powerful, crystal-clear sound
– Loading iPad, iPod or iPhone
– Power on/off and volume control
– Comfortable fully functional remote control
– Practical piece of accessories for iPad

-Simple design
– Black color

With Altec Lansing Panasonic 450 can you charge your iPad’s as well as your iPod’s or iPhone’s battery. Panasonic 450 sound system offers some common features, and offers no HiFi audio, but it is really convenient to have for this device, since the holder can be rotated and you can view and download movies.