All About the Google Phone

It’s time: the T-Mobile G1, the first phone with Google’s operating system Android, coming to Germany. We have tested it, show the best applications and answer the important questions about the iPhone competitors.

On February 2, the T-Mobile G1 is officially available in the trade. We had already the pleasure with the Google phone and could hunt it on our test course. Also the new, offered with the G1 T-Mobile tariffs Combi flat and combi relax we have tested.

Also, we report current news to Google’s Android operating system, test programs from the Android market for you and give useful tips about the Google phone. Are you faced with the choice between Apple iPhone 3 G or T-Mobile G1? No problem, we have to let compete against the two top mobile phones in a duel. On the following pages we introduce Agora all Android phones from the Kogan up to Lenovo OPhone.

Test: Bringt Frischen Wind

Das offene Betriebssystem Android hat enormes Potenzial-inwiefern das erste Google-Handy davon profitiert, zeigt der Test.

Google Android is cheap, is being constantly improved and offers all possibilities to developers. Therefore, the mobile operating system has the chance to the serious rivals for Symbian, Windows Mobile or the BlackBerry OS. Already the first series mobile with Android looks so mature and has to struggle with comparatively few teething problems.

The iPhone 3 G looks better. But the T-Mobile G1 scores in tests with sophisticated data features and a good touch-to-use user interface. Google uses the ideas of free Android developer in the offered phone features. How to find standard functions such as video player, voice recorder, or task list via the Android market on your phone.

Rates: Mobile On The Web

We have tested the new G1 fares and compared them with the T-Mobile offers for the iPhone.

With the new tariff options Combi flat and combi relax T-Mobile wants to make the mobile Internet on your phone even more attractive.

From February 2, T-Mobile new customers can book the new Combi-flats in conjunction with the T-Mobile G1. In the course of a contract extension, also existing customers can switch at this time. The Combi are flats after the 12-month change deadline for iPhone users available.

Worth the change for existing customers to the new tariff options, how expensive you get the Combi packages really are and how do iPhone G1 rates compared with the complete offers for the Apple? Here are the answers:

Android: G1 Competitors At A Glance

So that you not lose track, we will show you all Android releases and weigh the pros and cons of Android.

When Google announced last year, to bring its own open operating system (OS) for mobile phones on the market, the expectations were great. With Symbian, Windows Mobile, and especially with Apple’s MacOS for the iPhone were already strong competitors in the business – and multimedia-mobile segment.

Manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG still on Android and are the Open Handset Alliance is joined by Google. In this country hardly known, smaller manufacturers are one step ahead of the big companies and have already introduced devices running Android OS. Agora from Australia and the chic of the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo OPhone are below the QWERTY mobile Kogan.

The G1 In The Xonio Blog: Practice Tests & More

Software testing, current rumors and news-this is the Android blog at

Xonio blog, we regularly report on latest Android news, test programs from the Android market, and give tips to the Google phone. Among other things, Xonio editor-in-Chief Uwe Baltner reported about his experiences with the G1.

Topics in the blog are the new firmware cupcake, multitouch functionality for the Google phone and spam or malicious programs in the Android market.