Air Enters the First Domain to Use Non-Latin Letters

In October last year the regulator domains on the Internet, ICANN, was debating whether or not to allow fields with letters of alphabets other than Latin. Apparently the agency decided to allow them, since today the first domain of this type is in the air. And it is this one: Egypt-Ministry of communications. (if you do not see the Arabic characters, read the full post to learn how to enable them). This is the domain used to access the site from the Egyptian Ministry of Communications.

Among the other countries should have the ability to use and register domains with the actual writing will be Russia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Also already approved to enter this list Jordan, Qatar, Hong Kong and some others, but these should wait until the end of the year to have their TLDs (top level domains such as .com) activated and ready for use.

In this new TLD so, domains with non-Latin script will be stored and accessed through top level domains starting with xn-- acronym. Russian domains, for example, have the top-level domain .xn – p1ai while the Egyptian fields will be stored with .xn – wgbh1c.

Since not all computers are in the territories it gained new areas in the local writing, ICANN has also made ​​available a page to internet users from the rest of the world to test the ability to see non-Latin alphabets. Users who have installed all alphabets must see list on page like the image below.

Who does not have any of these installed alphabets, you can access this page and download the sources of which are missing. Of course, there is no use in downloading these sources if your keyboard is Latin. But at least they will appear as they should on your computer screen.