5.1 Android Could Be on The Way to Repair The Problems of Lollipop

Even the search engine giant escapes from the feared bugs when it comes to releasing new versions of Android, because as you know it seems that Android 5.0 Lollipop has not come well polished to be expected.

Despite being the most important update in recent years, many users have been reporting to Google errors found in Android Lollipop, some more annoying than others, and that apparently will be repaired with the release of one new minor update, Android 5.1.

The new version would arrive in the coming weeks, It is rumored that you for early February, and corrected most of the outstanding errors that have been detected in Android 5.0, which include problems with connectivity, an improvement in the management of resources in terms of memory and battery, the solution to some problems of function OK Google, etc.

In addition, obviously, Google would take advantage to implement improvements in the stability and overall system speed, as well as new features like the return of itself mute.

In the case of an update of this type, the surname Lollipop will be maintained for this Android 5.1, Although surely not making major manufacturers so funny having to adapt two versions of Android in a such a short time. We will see if finally confirmed the new update and what terminals will be coming.