5.0 Android Lollipop Added 209 New Emojis of Flags

One of the new features of Android 4.4 (KitKat) was the native support of the emojis, because we could add and see emojis in any applications and browser, but just like iOS, OS X, Chrome OS and other operating systems had only added the emojis of 10 flags.

Now with Lollipop added emojis of 209 additional flags, so the new version of Android already supports a total of 219 emojis flags front of the 10 which supports the previous version. Android 4.4 in the flags without icon emojis we will see its two letters while now in Android 5.0 in the majority of flags we will see your icons. I say the majority of flags because Google has left free icon 14 flags of which Android 5.0 we will continue seeing their two-letter.

The lucky ones who already have Android 5.0 on their devices can enter emojipedia.org/flags/ to see the icons of the new flags. For other users I leave you with a screenshot the list of additional flags.

Let us hope that in the next version of Android support 14 flags missing along with the 250 new emojis of Unicode 7.0.