24 Cents Per Minute If Not Reloads The Old Cards Prepaid Vodafone Starting December

For already some years that large operators they ended with the traditional prepaid to influence the attractiveness of its fares to a recharge or periodic fee so became evident the lack of interest to the majority of operators, users with low consumption.

After the incorporation of the yu rates: Vodafone, the rest of rates prepaid will be from 11 December 20 to 24 cents per minute (more establishment of 15 cents) in case of more than 30 days without recharging or find out the free benefit.

The rise in price will affect the rates “ Internet free ”, “ called Gatuitas & #8221; monthly minimum charge of 10 euros and the XS8 monthly minimum charge 5 euros which its price rises for the second time both new customers and current that is informed by SMS.

For users that consume very little, that used mobile phone to receive calls or having consumption very different, there are still options prepayment without any minimum requirement to see calls for 5 cents per minute mobile day, 7 cents/minute with Eroski or Hits Mobile, and 8 cents per minute with Pepephone or Simyo per can check on our comparative.