2013s Best Technology Things

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Everyone talks about the biggest and most exciting technological inventions in 2013, and this is why we have decided to write about the most exciting events that has happened technologically in the year that has passed. The year with Phablets 2013 was the year with Phablets; Phones approaching tablet-size (or tablets nearing phone-size?) with names like Sony Xperia Z Ultra, HTC One Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and so on. Phablets has been called everything from “a monstrosity of tackiness” to the ” evil animal “… but their market share continues to climb steadily.


Xbox vs. Playstation, a console-war Microsoft’s new Xbox was produced with some problems, ie games that could not be played and you had to have a Kinect and had to “check in” online every 24 hours in order to use the console. Games community was disappointed until PlayStations competing Playstation 4 was presented without any of the same problems. So ophæveed Microsoft almost all the limitations of the Xbox One.


Twitter yesterday on the Stock Exchange Twitter has been held responsible for the riots and revolutions – and this year it became a listed company. Shares started view of $ 26; by the end of Twitters first day, the share was $ 44.90 worth. Since then, they have not gone under $ 40.


Candy Crush takes over the world Farewell Zynga, for we have found the new play-occupation; King.com’s Candy Crush. One out of every 23 Facebook user plays. It has been downloaded 500 million times and has inspired countless cakes, Halloween costumes, etc.


Smart Watches & Training Bracelet competing for space on the wrist Armhylstre move you! Now wrist will be adorned with a new package gadgets. It seems like all electronic manufacturers in 2013 comes with a Smart Watch, a watch that also receive messages, place for gates and biometric readouts. But smart-watches have been a competitor in years. Fitness bracelets are also ve forward. The gadgets from sports companies that promote a healthy lifestyle. The competition has begun!