13 Amazing Advantages of New Technology for CCTV Images

The technologies for the security cameras are in constant evolution. And it’s not just the cameras become more potent: auxiliary solutions such as tape recorders and video transmitters also update with the emergence of new demands. The advancement of wireless connections as wi-fi and 4 g cellular signal, for example, brought new requirements for retail, as to achieve this mobility, accompanying the retailer wherever he is. Aiming at this and other demands, Gunnebo offers with exclusivity in Brazil the new solution in management of CCTV Images, the Digipryn: an array of videos with various image management capabilities that ensures better operation, quality and safety to customers who invest in security cameras.

To learn more about this technology, we selected 13 advantages to prove your efficiency for the retail market and loss prevention:

1-management of CCTV images as greater flexibility and security

The Digipryn, adapted to the new changes and market developments, manages with flexibility and security its various image pickups. The solution allows you to receive Analog images, HD or IP, making your expansion and/or migrating to new technologies and still brings the possibility to manage various makes and models of cameras, both as fixed furniture.

2 simple preview and with high resolution (Full HD)

The friendly and intuitive interface Digipryn is available at Megapixel resolution and transmits the images from security cameras in real-time with Full HD quality with this benefit, you can control the minutest details of routine establishment retailer.

3-transmission of images and remote monitoring of the cameras via dedicated link and up to 4 g

The Digipryn is a DVR/NVR (Image Manager) that allows you to not only view the live images with excellent speed and quality, but also control the mobile safety cameras, reproduction and export of images via mobile phone, tablet or computer, without the need for dedicated link, reducing installation and the costs of the retailer. This makes access much more into account!

4-real-time information about the State of the system

With Digipryn, you can control the State of real-time system: managing the hard drives, alarms, the entries in detail and divided by categories. In this way, it becomes possible to upgrade and remote maintenance of systems.

5-queue management in boxes

On account of their management tools, the Digipryn performs the count of people within the establishment, enabling better management not only of the store as well as the queues in the boxes. With that, the retailer passes to avoid the common stress and possible withdrawals because of long lines for payment.

6-Automatic Tracking

Through Digipryn, you can remotely monitor your movement establishment with a mobile camera in addition to being able to configure the choice of stand-by position camera detection, the timing before a wide field of view and return to stand-by position. The tracking can be activated manually or through a schedule.

7-detecting suspicious objects or objects on the shelves

Due to your great ease of viewing and control of cameras, with this technology, the retailer can optimize not only the monitoring of your establishment, but also to detect the absence of products on the shelves. Like this losses arising from sales not completed for lack of products within reach of customers tend to disappear.

8-secure access to cameras

You can create multiple user profiles, one for each type of operator, with different access rights to the images. So you have more security and can determine who can and can’t access certain files.

9-Centralization of the connections on the client

With the possibility of Central Prynvision Center all connections from a single server installed directly at the Head Office of client. It brings not only safer but also more agility and optimizing management of CCTV images on Entertainmentdns.

10-management of activities associated with

The tool determines timetables, alarm schedule the cameras, manage events and even pré-posicionar the camera according to the schedule. The retailer can keep your pre-programmed activities, bringing more autonomy to your system.

11-Antissabotagem camera Function

Protection against attempts to sabotage and harmful acts as voluntary, violent, obfuscation concealment changing the camera position and loss of definition.

12-compatibility with various types of CFTVs

The Digipryn interface is compatible with other security systems and with panoramic cameras (360°-Fisheye), regardless of the model.

13-Multi-hybrid System

The system has Analog/IP video inputs/HDCCTV, HD-IP, compatibility with existing analog systems, migration to IP system and High Definition (HD-CCTV).

The advanced technology of the Digipryn makes it an evolutionary tool that will be the heart of the security camera system in retail. Check out the solution in operation and better understand their potential, in this video.