10 Great Photo Editors for Ipad

After Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 billion in April 2012, there were dozens of new photo editors for mobile devices.

Except Instagram was not the first and maybe not even the best. Here are some great photo edits for your iPad (they work on the iPhone and iPod Touch too):

Photoshop Express

It’s no exaggeration to say that Photoshop is – and always has been – the king of image editors.For Windows PCs, for all iMacs, of course, and now for touch screen devices.

It’s good to be clear:the iPad app has the same big brother’s DNA, but the number of tools is a lot smaller.

Even so, you still have some “original” Photoshop killer features like exposure controls, brightness, contrast, saturation, noise reduction, sharpness, and some special effects.


It’s a no-frills app, ideal for basic light editing, contrast, and some “smoky” effects around the image.


InstaStory does not have many features, but it is one of the best to make a beautiful edition with stickers and pictures.


As the name says, this app is used to create a collage.

In addition to several options of the quantities and size of the photos, you can resize and even rotate each frame individually.

The result can be very good.


It is one of the best effects editors.Not only by the amount of resources, but also by the ease of use.

It has color adjustments and cutting tools, paint, rotation and even red-eye correction.

Another good resource is history.With it you can view each editing step and, if you want, go back to the previous step (s).

A + Signature

It is an application for those who like to place texts and illustrations under the photos.

It may be a heart, for example, or more information about the photo, such as adding the date.


The name is strange, but this app is one of the best to put some sauce on bland photos.

The most fun is to superimpose various effects, highlighting the vintage effects.


This app does what the name says:cut into the photos.

It may seem like a banal feature, but often a good clipping eliminates unnecessary parts of the image and that draws the attention of the principal.


The name is somewhat false.In fact it is more to post editor.

And in that it is very good:simple, easy to use and with a good legal sticker tool.

It was the only one I found with the translation into Portuguese.


It was missing – evident – the “darling” of the photo applications.

Instagram is really simple, easy to use and comes with cool tools.

Highlight, of course, for vintage filters, copying effects from the 60s/70s photos.