How to Uninstall Applications on Android Factory

When we buy a new Android device we have coming with enough pre-installed applications. Take advantage of manufacturers and operators to add their own applications and even demos of games that, in some cases, we can not uninstall.

These applications can not be uninstalled as the rest of applications downloaded from Google Play or other sources because they have been added as system applications. To remove factory applications we need to have our rooted device, But if we have Android 4.0 or higher you can disable these applications without being root. Continue reading

Have They Given You an Android? Here’s Your Welcome Guide

It is not any secret that sales of smartphones increase at this time, and is preferred by most gifts tend to be electronic devices. Smartphones continue relentless his conquest of the market, and Android is now in the most chosen in the world operating system.

This is why we are forced, in Xataka Android knowing that many Premiere an Android phone these days, to update a welcome Guide to help them to turn on for the first time its new smartphone, and to configure and learn about the basics of a device with these characteristics.

Come, we take the egg to our new green androids, and let’s see what we can do with them: Continue reading

What Happens with The Deleted Files from The Memory of Your Android?

What happens to the files to delete them from the memory our device is a question that many have made ever. Engadget Android replies we have received this interesting question the user gorcobain, very well answered by one of our readers, randaal, although the interesting topic, we decided to write an explanatory article on this aspect.

In all mass storage memory you need a format to make it work right way. Is this what we do by formatting your hard drive or any SD card, and is a process that clears the memory and uses a space that is unusable to the user. Continue reading

How to Install a ROM on Your Android?

Surely a quite simple question, look them to many experts in the field but we still get enough queries from time to time on How to install a ROM in our Android. Let’s make an explanatory entry, not focused on any terminal in particular (as there may be differences) and hope that all the doubts are resolved.

The first, root

To install a ROM first thing that is needed is to have root access on the terminal. How to achieve this superuser access differs from one terminal to another. It is best to seek the method in HTCMania or XDA Developers for our terminal in particular. Continue reading

How to Configure an Outlook.Com Account on Android

Last week Microsoft launched our site, its new e-mail service that opens a new domain for the user, new interface accounts and that will replace the Hotmail brand, which in recent years had lost prestige and popularity.

From the official Hotmail application can manage Android new accounts of, but not everyone likes this application. Engadget Android answers a reader asked how you can set an Outlook account in Email series and as your questions may have more than one user we are going to offer here the steps to be followed to configure Microsoft’s new accounts in Android. Continue reading