Blaupunkt TravelPilot 500

Features and route guidance Blaupunkt advertises with the feature video navigation. Behind a camera, which captures the street layout and a great catcher pops up down bend arrows in the live image. The map view, where the camera speed limit signs at the roadside detects and displays makes more sense but: it works at least during the day quite well and also temporary speed limits, such as construction sites, thus represented. Other Navis rely on stored data and therefore not so respond. Routing calculated the device very quickly, but it failed on many tricky addresses. fast route calculation until the beginning of the navigation of switching on, it takes just 65 seconds. The calculation of the routes was very quick with nine seconds for the fastest route and seven seconds for the shortest route. The recalculation of the route to driving errors is nine seconds only average. extensive equipment the equipment list is almost as long as in the big brother TravelPilot 700 with DVB-T. Via Wi-Fi, the driver can surf with the TravelPilot 500 even in the Internet, for example at a rest. There is a Bluetooth cell phone hands-free setup, a photo viewer and a video and music player. There are lush 2.94 GB available for data. Traffic information, such as traffic reports are received by TMC. There is no Flash detector or FM transmitter. operation and readability the manual is very easy to understand. There’s no built-in help function. the presentation is somewhat confusing, but the readability of the display is always good. For the installation connect the two cables. Addresses and POIs can said the piece by piece in a dialogue are. maps and update TravelPilot 500 contains the map data for 36 European countries. Maps for other countries are not available. The data is updated once a year. The upgrade cost for two years is just 200 euros (Status: June 2009).

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The Best Cheap Cell Phones from 15 Euro

What can cheap mobile phones and what not?

Thanks price decline in mobile phones is also in most devices that one or two extra. A lush facilities but offers none of the cheap – mobile phones :

Photo and video: most models from 70 euro have a camera on Board (stand: June 2009). Five of the ten tested models shoot photos. The maximum resolution is 1.3 mega pixels. The quality of these recordings is sufficient for viewing on the cell phone display in the expression are the photos at best inflated postage stamps in the size eight times six centimeters. After all: Two phones in the test record even short Videofilmchen. The recordings can be send via video message (MMS) to other mobile phones. Music and radio: only the Vodafone 527 offers a real MP3 player. Also, the internal memory per card is expandable. All other tested cell phones are not good as a music player, lacks the necessary space. Five of the phones have built in radio. With these devices, a stereo earphone is included, whose Kabel acts as an antenna for radio reception. Internet: None of the phones dominated the fast Internet access via UMTS. With at least an acceptable speed (measured data rate: maximum 177 kilobits per second per EDGE) to retrieve the two Nokia phones Web sites. Three test candidates have no Internet Browser.Extras: a flashlight is integrated In the Nokia 1209. It works but only when the phone is switched on. On a model, all devices have preloaded games. Six of the tested cell phones run of space in the mobile phone even to play on other programs.

Sorted by test scores: the best mobile phones under $100

13 devices Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson & co.

Where s is to buy the cheap cell phones?

Price comparison: in the info line find the current prices from the COMPUTER screen price comparison to any device. The savings compared to the price recommendations of the mobile phone manufacturers are partially enormous when buying online. So you can save, for example, around 130 euros for the Samsung SGH-M310 (Status: June 2009). Retailers and mobile operators: In electronic professional markets and in the shops of the mobile operator the cheap cell phones usually bundled with a mobile phone card (prepaid) are sold. Disadvantages: For two years no other phone card can be used. And the rates of such prepaid cell phone packages have sometimes expensive per-minute rates.

Sorted by price: the cheapest mobile phones from 15 euro

13 devices Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson & co. Which rate is right for mobile phones?

Prepaid discount fares are preferred for assuming, normal and even for frequent callers. You will find the appropriate mobile tariffs in the COMPUTER image calculator. Prepayment rates with community discounts save money if you make many provider internal calls and your family and friends with mobile cards of the same provider. ««««Prepaid cell phone packages with collective worth, and hardly even call. If you want to be only accessible
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Apple Releases OS 3.0 for iPhone

Shopping with the iPhone

In the future, it is possible to purchase additional content for programs installed on the iPhone directly through an interface for this purpose created. This can be for example, add-ons for games or E-books. During the presentation the Sims, the new possibilities of the game introduced electronic arts, for which you buy and download via iPhone new content. You also load with iPhone OS 3.0 feature films from the iTunes store on iPhone or iPod touch as a purchase or rental version.


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Apple iPhone 3GS

T-Mobile: iPhone contract only with expensive tariffs

For the time being, there are iPhone 3GS only with a two-year contract from T-Mobile in Germany. Depending on the tariff, the unit costs there between 1 and 250 euro. The monthly costs are between 24.95 and at 119,95 EUR depending on the free minutes and Internet packages. The prices for other calls are quite expensive with up to 29 cents per minute.

Caution: the Einsteigertarife complete XS and complete 60 contain only 200 megabytes of data volume per month; In addition, 49 cents per megabyte are due. «««All about the iPhone 3GS tariffs COMPUTER image has put together for you. Continue reading

MSI Wind U200 the Better NetBook?

MSI wind U200: speed and equipment

With the wind U200 MSI offers a small notebook with 12-inch display. It meant for users, where a NetBook (maximum ten inch screen size) is small and a traditional laptop (15.4-inch display) is too large. The 1.4 kilogram lightweight mobile computer has a four-cell battery. In the U200 an atom – does not otherwise at netbooks usual, but a Celeron ULV processor (Intel Celeron ULV 723, 1.2 GHz) to use. The chip is characterized by more computing power at a similar low current consumption. The integrated Intel graphics card (GMA4500MDH) enables the full HD playback through HDMI on a flat-screen TV and is fast enough for graphically simple games. With elaborate graphics she can not smoothly represent current games. ”

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