Android 6.0 Marshmallow Ready for Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung S6-update to the latest version of Android has been a long time coming-but now it is finally ready in Europe.

Google latest and most advanced version of the Android operating system for smartphones is now ready for Samsung’s two most popular phones from 2015: Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It writes Android Authority.

The update will be in writing sent ‘Over the Air’ for S6 devices-however, first in Poland and the Baltic States, where Samsung wont launch European deployments of new system software.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge you can therefore expect Android 6.0 update in the coming days or weeks. Continue reading

Microsoft Lumia 650 Launched: Stylish Budget-Smartphone

With Lumia 650 puts Microsoft up into a stylish smartphone in sumptuous materials at low cost.

Microsoft promises today unveiled a new budget star in the company’s series of successful budget phones. The phone’s replacement last year Lumia 640 hit, but brings a completely new design and operating system with it.

Lumia 650 scrap the colorful plastic from its predecessors and offers instead on a slim metal design with a profile of just 6.9 mm. The back can be replaced, even if it is cast in brushed aluminium.

The phone is also born with Microsoft’s recently released Windows 10 for smartphones, which allows access to, among other things, Microsoft’s rich catalog of productive apps.

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How Do You See Your Deleted Android Notifications [TIP]

Are you mistakenly come to remove a notification on your Android smartphone before you got read the? With this tip, you can easily see the notification again.

On an Android smartphone may be daily flows many, many notifications to, and perhaps you’ve tried to get to push one of them away by mistake or have come to remove all.

Perhaps you would like to have known what app that sent a particular notification, or perhaps ignoring the contents of it. Fortunately, lying there in the Android 5.0 Lollipop and later a feature saved, so you can view all your previously received notifications in the entire system. Continue reading

Rumor: iPhone and iPad 5se Air 3 Can Be Purchased from 18. March

Already on Friday, 18. March-a few days after the 4 “small iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 is expected to be published-you can buy them, says in a new rumor.

There have long been reports that Apple at the beginning of this year will unveil a brand new iPhone, leading it-eventually-a relatively small screen on 4 “back on the market known for iPhone 5, 5s and 5 c.
For small two weeks ago it was reported, among other things, that it will be published on Tuesday, March 15,without the investigation revealed details under what circumstances. Now the site 9to5mac, who also stood behind this rumor, ready with new information about not only the small iPhone 5se, but also the iPad Air 3, which is expected to be launched at the same time with. Continue reading

Samsung-Smartwatches Can Soon Identify You from Your Veins

A new Samsung patent reveals that the company smartwatches in the future can confirm authenticity of you by swiping your veins.

Samsung may have a new innovative idea in the making: the reading of your veins as a new biometric security measure.

It sounds like something futuristic, and it is perhaps also, for it is so far only an approval in respect of a patent application from Samsung, which reveals the wild idea. It writes the website our site.

The concept is actually quite simple. On the agency side there is placed a sensor-probably with infra-red light-can read your veins on the surface where blood vessels are more prominent.
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