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ICAO Definition


According to abbreviationfinder, ICAO stands for International Civil Aviation Organization. It is an agency of the United Nations Organization created in 1944 by the Chicago Convention. It regulates and regulates international civil aviation and manages problems concerning Aeronautics. It is…
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SCSI Definition


According to abbreviationfinder, SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface (interface Small Computer System) is a standard interface model parallel high speed created by the X3T9.2 committee of ANSI in 1986. Some professional castellanizan it as scuzzy or escosi, by the English…
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MMS Definition


According to abbreviationfinder, MMS stands for Mobile multimedia messaging. MMS is a universally accepted standard as part of the 3GPP technical specifications, which allows mobile phone users to with MMS capabilities, send and receive formatted text, sound, images, animations and…
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