Augmented Driving Test

The driver assistance app augmented driving for iOS convinces in test convinced with a top lane and good distance warning. Also to use it perfectly.

When we sat apart in the radiant Sun in completely overheated car with driver assistance app augmented driving school, we were at first somewhat at a loss. The video camera installation gives the impression that it will take hours for it, but then it’s pretty easy. We did once back even before the full user manual. Continue reading

iOnRoad in the Test

The driver assistance app iOnRoad gives total a good system with many additional features, but unfortunately with a very weak traffic sign recognition. Here our test.

iOnRoad offers the complete package of lane Assistant, distance Warner and shield detection as well as aCoDriver 3, is also the most expensive app in the test. So we expected a lot of course, as we mounted the camera and we were on the way. Continue reading

MyDrive Assist in the Test

Driver assistance via app: Bosch MyDrive Assist traffic sign detection relies on the cloud and is incredibly accurate – for this reason but also partially unreliable

With MyDrive Assist, Bosch sends an app for traffic sign recognition at the start, designed according to Bosch especially as technology carriers. The German manufacturer such as when his car connectivity system MySpin is committed to mobile networking and shows what will be possible in the future. Currently the app unfortunately still not fully convinced. Continue reading

Logitech Autozero Touch in the Practice Test

With two new car mounts for Android smartphones, Logitech will increase traffic safety: the affordable retrofit solutions promise a similar high level of convenience as in fully networked car. We have the zero touch system in the test.

The name is program: Logitech wants to achieve with its “Zero Touch” auto brackets that motorists as possible no longer touch your Smartphone while driving. We have the system in the test. Continue reading

Becker Active. 5SL in the Test

The Becker Active. 5SL convinces in test with great feel, fine display and good navigation. But the missing voice control will cost you points.

Becker’s active has a real designer piece. 5SL in the program. High-quality and top processed the 219 euro expensive GPS units presents itself – there is also the friend of high-quality feel pleased.

Chic look and smart features

So the Becker stands out not only with its two-tone case by the competitors, the Red back button either back or a long pressure resulting in a step one at any time directly to the main menu, stands out. The 5-inch-Disl play resolves with 800 x 480 pixels quite fine, also can please the touch-sensitive screen with noble real glass cover. It is joined by the practical magnetic wheel retainer with the name Magclick-active adapter. In this area, Becker shows extremely generous. Continue reading