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PROTECTED AREAS: An area, a term that comes from the Latin area, is a space or terrain that is delimited in some way, whether physical or symbolic. Protected, on the other hand, is that which has protection (protection, protection). RAINBOW: By going to the dictionary developed by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), we can see that the term rainbow can also be written as an expression of two words: rainbow. In both cases, the notion refers to an optical phenomenon that appears with certain weather conditions. REFLEX ARC: To understand what a reflex arc is, we must first refer to the concept of the reflex act. A reflex act is a movement that an individual performs involuntarily, as a response to a certain stimulus.
SAND: It is called sand to all the particles of siliceous rocks and other activities which tend to accumulate on the coast. These disaggregated particles, which measure from 0.063 to 2 millimeters, are called grains of sand. SCHEME: The first meanings mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) of the term ruse are in disuse. The concept used to be used as an adjective that referred to someone insightful, cunning, or fearless. SOPHISTRY: The Latin word argutia led to quibble a concept that refers to a deception, one trick or ruse. For example: "The company will try to resort to some trickery to avoid paying what is due",
HARANGUE: A harangue is a speech that is expressed with the aim of raising the spirits of those who hear the message. Originally, the concept referred to a proclamation pronounced within the army, although the meaning later spread to politics, sports and other areas. GREEN AREAS: An area is a surface that develops within certain limits. Green, on the other hand, is the color that is formed from the combination of blue with yellow and that is associated with the hue that the leaves of the plants usually exhibit. EDGE: It is called edge to the line resulting from the intersection of two surfaces or planes. Edges are also the segments of a line that mark the boundary of the sides of a flat figure.


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