Sony Watch Phone Reviews

Let me start by saying that the number 3 of the SmartWatch of Sony is certainly not for everyone. Than its rivals rounder is definitely sexier but less classic; the strap is made of rubber, rather than leather; and the display is not as bright or lively as others. But if you are interested in more sports functions rather than the look of this wareable then continue reading our review because the Sony Smartwatch 3 suddenly looks much more interesting. For the runner in particular, the integrated GPS is a great feature that allows you to leave your phone at home without much trouble.

Also the Wi-Fi and NFC, making it a wearable projected into the future than its rivals without these features. Also has no need for external charging dock with a built-in micro-USB port and has a battery life that makes it one of the smartwatch lasts longer in the market as the Bike 360m.

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LG and Samsung Galaxy S7 (SD820 Against Exynos 8890)

Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 protagonists of the day yesterday, first through their formal presentations and then through our video previews (S7 Edge Galaxy – Galaxy S7 Flat – LG G5) that allowed us to see them more closely and better analyze software and technical specifications of the new top range Koreans.

Two smartphones that will arise in direct competition in a few weeks, very different both aesthetically and technically, since on the one hand we have the Samsung’s proprietary SoC, Exynos 8890 (at least in the version due out in Europe) and on the other the last platform ofQualcomm, Snapdragon 820 . Continue reading

HTC One M9 Camera Specs

To find out what are the real differences between the smartphone cameras with the same apparent resolution there is a road, put them side by side and put them to the test. It matters little whether natively belong to different market segments, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia M5 and Honor 7 are now almost matched in price list and all of them offer the ability to take still pictures with excellent quality with cameras, at least if we consider mobile devices under 400 €.

I took many pictures with all three, in all lighting conditions possible and chose the most representative ones here. We enter the detail: Continue reading

Samsung Prepares to Renew Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Through the usual shipment tracker Zauba, we become aware of the fact that Samsung is going to renew its entry level Android tablet, thanks to an improved version of Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. The new model, appeared with the codename SM-T116IR, was spotted on the tables of GFXBench, which were allowed to have a clearer view of what we will find again under the shell.

Basically should be an aesthetically identical to the model currently on sale, always characterized by a 7 ” with resolution 1024 x 600. We find a SoC Snapdragon 1.2 GHz quad core 410 that replaces the Marvell 1.2 GHz dual core present in the current model. The introduction of SoC Qualcomm will also have the GPU Adreno 306, able to offer excellent performance at this price range. The new Galaxy Tab 3 Lite will also see an increase of RAM memory, passed to 1.5 GB against the only giga 3 Lite Tab. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

After having thoroughly analyzed on Samsung Galaxy S7, the Canadian Chipworks has subjected to the same treatment the edge version of the smartphone- announced in Barcelona last February 21 – through a thorough teardown.

Unlike other sites (iFixit) interested in evaluating the repair ability of the devices, Chipworks focuses on individual constituent components and their characteristics. The teardown focused specifically on camera, true workhorse of the new device in which a reduction in the number of pixels (from 16 to 12 megapixels than the Galaxy S6) is a performance enhancement. This is due to the transition from 1.12 µm size for each pixel of S6 to the current 1.4 µm. What is more, the rear sensor Chipworks believes the model IMX260 made by Sony. Continue reading